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80s tracksuits and 90s Juicy Couture have given way to a new craze: urban athletic wear. A multitude of retailers are offering their own private labeling of the trend, which can be worn around town as well at the gym....

In my lectures, I draw a picture of what the fashion industry looks like -- a pear! But in five years, the industry will look more like a snowman who's had too many beers every night. Let me explain why the shape of the retail...

Trend forecasting plays such an important role in a retailer's success. Whether you are a luxury label retailer, a discounter, or an off-pricer, you should be researching trends that are appropriate for your demographic targets....

For most people, when they think about Fashion Week, they think glitz, glamour, and celebrities. And yet fashion is a $2 billion industry that has the power to influence politics, impact climate change, develop new technologies, and create jobs....

The District has become a hotspot for television shows -- and the leading characters of "Scandal" and "House of Cards" have high-fashion wardrobes. Find out which labels they wear, and which show's look was inspired by gladiators. ...

Every working woman is looking for a stylish purse that not only carries her important work documents, but also carries the load for the other parts of life. Here are some bags that will help you take on the world and look good doing it...

I hosted a brunch a couple of years ago and I had an encounter that to this day is still on my mind and got me thinking about fashion as a business, industry and career. So to give you context. The event honored women in...

With so many great museums in Washington DC, not one has held a major exhibition on American designers. Recently, Hillary Clinton honored designer Oscar de la Renta at his brand