Client: All Things Fashion DC, is a business and marketing resource dedicated to the promotion of fashion and fashion related businesses in DC. It’s primary offering is #TheFashionSource, the who, where, and the what for fashion in the entire DC metropolitan region including contact information and web addresses searchable by state, neighborhood, and category.

Deliverable(s): 158 page comprehensive print book and digital resource listing that offers full access to a centralized database of fashion businesses, brands, and profiles. Spanning 3 states, 30 neighborhoods, including 35 features and 1000+ fashion & fashion related businesses.

Services: Creative Campaigns, Branded Videos, Lookbook

Testimonial: Robin Fisher – President & Chief Stylist, Polished Image & Style

“I will admit that the Washington, DC Metro region fashion scene is not an easy market to navigate, let alone figure out. That’s why I’,m so excited and grateful that BRAND MEETS CREATIVE has put together All Things Fashion DC & #TheFashionSource!!!”