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80s tracksuits and 90s Juicy Couture have given way to a new craze: urban athletic wear. A multitude of retailers are offering their own private labeling of the trend, which can be worn around town as well at the gym....

Podcasting is the new blogging. But forget about creating content for a brand, and think about what your podcast list says about you. Are you an NPR junkie? A "Serial" devotee? Or a beer-brewing podcast aficionado? ...

Every working woman is looking for a stylish purse that not only carries her important work documents, but also carries the load for the other parts of life. Here are some bags that will help you take on the world and look good doing it...

Since the early 2000’s, the retail industry has seen the growth of temporary retail ‘pop-up’ stores in mostly non-traditional vacant commercial building spaces, in an effort to get creative and foster retailer growth. Nowadays, it is a common and fun way to shop
A friend, who I will call “Kate”, told me she wasn’t buying any “products” for the rest of the year. This happened at the same time I realized my hoarding of perfume, shampoo and other beauty sample products had become its own subset of hoarding