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Vanity Trumps Privacy

Vanity Trumps Privacy

We all know the story of Narcissus who fell into water and drowned while trying to get closer to his beautiful visage. Vanity isn’t a positive attribute, but neither is absolutely privacy. You must be able to share to have a real relationship and friendship.

The digital natives know how to share. They know what works and what does not on all the different platforms. They know going viral is less important than impact on audience. They tune how and when they post and what technology they use. They curate their visual image and their narrative of life. All this information feeds one thing. Ego.

A recent State of the First Amendment report found that 65% of people are concerned with their privacy. Yet, there hasn’t been a decrease in people using social platforms. People even over share when it comes to personal records, leading to credit card hacks being constant news.

How does one weigh privacy versus the over share and vanity?

When you don’t think about how and why you friend people on social media, you are far more likely to over share. Many think the number in your audience counts more than the influence of your audience. Crowd sourcing is only useful when your crowd has content worthy of being sourced. The size of your audience doesn’t suddenly lead you to over share, but what you do share does have a further reach in a nefarious way. Think about a simple post, geo tagged, of an emogi of a crying female face with the words ”Dropped them off for the first day of school.” Suddenly your crowd knows where your most prized possessions are. When you curate your crowd you are able to almost ensure your message has a positive impact.

Maybe that is why I have an easier time sharing on Facebook rather than Twitter. I like sharing with my curated friends. People I actually know in real life. Folks who I know truly get my humor because they know the real me.

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