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What Your Podcast List Says About You

What Your Podcast List Says About You

Podcasting is the newest internet product every employer wants to get on board with. It’s the new blogging, but many suits view it simply as “going viral” was at the dawn of 2010.

But forget about creating content for a brand, and think about what your podcast list says about you.

NPR on Your Own Time

Unless you are an Uber driver, your dedicated time by a radio may be at a premium. Almost all the NPR radio shows have been posted as podcasts. If you subscribe to the podcast version of regular radio shows you have FOMO. Get the NPR One app and make a donation to your local station in thanks for your on demand radio.

True Crime

Serial may have been the watershed moment for true crime podcasting. From a little known offshoot of the successful radio storytelling podcast This American Life, Serial sucked unwitting listeners into a little known murder case and turned it into must listen moments. The true crime genre says you not only love a multi-faceted story but that you care about the underdog and can’t stop listening till there is a resolution.


If your podcast refers to you and its other listeners as part of their “nation,” you have a bunch of self-help and inspirational podcasts coming into your ears. This feed means you are looking to quiet the negative voice in your head. Having someone who has walked a tough road tell you how to chart your course to success in life, business, and happiness keeps spirits high and tools for growth.

The Non-Professionals

There are some great voices out there and their podcast audio sucks! But you keep listening because the message is so good! The great thing about podcasting is that anyone can do it. Just like blogging gave power to PJ clad kids in their parent’s basement, podcasting allows many with a voice and an ability to hit deadlines regularly a platform. So what if they don’t have the right microphone and have no idea what they are doing? Their voice deserves to be heard and good for you for listening and being an angel investor in their work.

Boys Club

Most podcasts are produced and hosted by men. If you are listening to all male voices, don’t feel bad. Now that you know the stats, branch out and look for that same subject matter made by women. It might just be better. I think this says more about me than you.


The wonderful thing about podcasts is how niche it can be. It allows for nerdy topics like the intricacy of beer making or Gilmore Girls or beer drinking while talking about Gilmore Girls. You and the nerds can finally have a place to talk about the stuff that only the circle can understand. If you tune into this type of podcast, it’s time to like the nerdy host’s twitter feed as well. Its going to be just as good.


Yes, there is such a thing as Video Podcasts! If you are subscribing to these you are the expert level podcast consumer. You aren’t just multi tasking while you listen, you are fully engaged in the subject matter and you can consume content like the dream subscriber of every social media channel.

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