About Us 

We tell the world who you are and what you do—distinctly.
We position your brand to standout in a sea of sameness.
We are driven by our mission to bring your brand into full color with bold, energetic design, content and visuals that set you above of everyone else.

From food to fashion to interior design, your brand has an edge. We’re here to sharpen it. Your ideas become design. Your vision becomes voice.

We are Creators. Storytellers. Producers. We are the best at what we do.

Founded in 2008 by creative strategist Elaine Mensah, BRAND MEETS CREATIVE  provides brand strategies / solutions for the cutting-edge brand / creative entrepreneur that seeks innovation and inspiration.

With over 20 years of combined team experience in communication, brand strategy, and product development we believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, only bad execution. We believe in customized experiences.

Because no two brands are the same.

This is where marketing evolves into more.  Where vision is vibrant.  Stories are told.
Status quo is shaken.  Style is a necessity.  And thinking is always forward.




Branded Content

We’ll introduce you to the market with a well-branded bang. Our database of resources will execute your lookbook, product photography and social media marketing seamlessly.

Branded Videos

Transform your brand message through creative, visual storytelling. We’ll bring your brand into high-definition color for your website, social media campaigns and marketing collateral.

Product Photography

Flawless imagery is the pulse of your visual brand. What doyour images say about your product or business? From art direction to the actual shoot, let’s work together.


Master new skills in brand strategy, marketing, technology and design to elevate your entrepreneurial & career development.



Peruse some of our recent projects for a glimpse of our commitment to breathing creative vision into your fashion, creative or lifestyle brand.




  • “Elaine is one of the most driven and resourceful entrepreneurs I know. No matter how grandiose the task at hand, her optimism, dedication, and ability to see the larger picture as concise tasks, always deliver results. Whether she is styling, directing, or developing exceptional experiences, she is able to produce work that is not only aesthetically remarkable, but also quantitatively successful.”

    Taimur Baig – Fashion Designer, Taimur Baig
  • “Elaine Mensah is the queen of making it happen! With an extraordinary work ethic it’s no wonder her strong creative visions come to life with such impressive organization. She and BRAND MEETS CREATIVE possesses the skills and the talent to create and coordinate even the biggest of marketing campaigns.”

    Tim Coburn – Photographer, Tim Coburn Photography
  • “As a fashion designer, lookbooks are very important to me. Presentation is one of the important tool in a fashion designer’s life. I was fortunate enough to have a creative and visionary person like Elaine Mensah to do all of my lookbooks, since I started my company 10 years ago. Because of that, I’m always ready to go into a meeting, whether national or international with confidence.”

    Afua Sam – CEO/Designer, Studio D’Maxsi Designs
  • “Elaine Mensah of BRAND MEETS CREATIVE worked with our company, Drukker Designs, LLC to assist us with our brand audit and develop growth strategy. Ms. Mensah was instrumental in assessing and improving our marketing strategy, her consulting services were of great value to our brand. Elaine was immediately responsive to all our questions, suggestions, and requests, and she is a delightful human being who is very pleasant to work with.”

    Alla Druker – President, Drukker Designs, LLC
  • “As a seasoned marketer, I was very familiar with branding and strategy as we are charged with these tasks for our clients. However, it took the creative genius of Elaine Mensah to help me take a step back and evaluate our positioning and strategy. Her insights helped us take our concepts to the next level.”

    Aba Kwawu – President, TAAPR
  • “Elaine Mensah of BRAND MEETS CREATIVE was a pleasure to work with for Washington Life’s Holiday fashion shoot. With an innate sense of style and a great knowledge of the fashion needs of the city, [they] are fast becoming one of the style makers in D.C.”

    Karin Tanabe – Former Managing Director Washington Life Magazine
  • “After working with two other vendors that couldn’t quite get the look and feel that we wanted, BRAND MEETS CREATIVE delivered a site that was clean, modern, and exactly what we were looking for. They understood the message we wanted to convey to our clients and potential customers about SBBK.”

    Rita Kumi – Founder, SBBK Services & Solutions LLC
  • “Elaine Mensah demonstrates the perfect balance of creative vision and professional, efficient business acumen. With grace and aplomb she identifies the perfect styles, recruits the right talent, and does whatever she needs to do to produce the best show that succeeds in selling and conveying even the most complex ideas effectively and beautifully.”

    Micheal Dumlao – Co-Founder, Fashion Fights Poverty
  • “We have partnered with BRAND MEETS CREATIVE to design photo shoots and consistently turned to them also for consulting on current business practices, industry trends and public relations. They have never failed at providing professional dependable groundbreaking information and services ahead of the industry. Very happy to recommend their services!”

    Nafa Adadevoh – Founder, Judah Avenue Photography
  • “Knowledgeable, trustworthy, and strategic are the immediate words that come to mind when I think of Elaine Mensah. She is truly a person that can visualize where your organization is, and where it is headed based on its strengths. A true professional and visionary in the DC fashion industry, Elaine is able to assist companies in steering their business towards the growth and development they desire. The BRAND MEETS CREATIVE approach is direct and comprehensible. Exactly what every creative business owner needs for immediate results.”

    Robin Fisher – CEO & Chief Stylist, Polished Image & Style
  • “BRAND MEETS CREATIVE is a firm that I’ve enjoyed working with. They consistently provide creative solutions to everyday business challenges and they are my go-to firm for brand advice and new trends.”

    Ricki Peltzman – Owner, Upstairs on 7th
  • “Elaine Mensah and her team at BRAND MEETS CREATIVE are exceptional. Elaine’s ability to understand the big picture and execute on the details is what makes working with her a delight. Elaine has an extensive network of professionals so she is able to reach out to resources when needed. I have worked with her several times in different roles as a strategist and an event host. In both roles, she showed her professionalism, attentiveness and wit. I would absolutely work with her again.”

    Roselynn Lewis – Co-Creator, Women Mean Business Honors Brunch
  • “Elaine Mensah provided essential support for the premiere of my film “Gone Forever” at AFI Silver Theatre. She organized, planned and executed a successful film screening in addition to handling public relation duties. She secured valuable interviews and articles about my film in local publications. I highly recommend BRAND MEETS CREATIVE for your future projects.”

    Jason Bauston – Filmmaker, Travestee Films



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